Eruv Map

If you would like to view a detailed Google Map, click here.

To check the Eruv status, call (973) 736-1407 ext. 234

Directions to travel the perimeter of the Eruv:

  • Begin facing north on Pleasant Valley Way in front of Brighton Gardens of West Orange (220 Pleasant Valley Way)
  • Heading north on Pleasant Valley Way the Eruv uses the fence of Montclair Golf Course on east side of street
  • Golf course fence runs along Pleasant Valley Way until across from #27 Pleasant Valley Way, where eruv transfers to a telephone pole, and we continuing using the lines on the poles until Morningside Drive.
  • Turn left on Morningside Drive; we use the wires on the south side of the street.
  • Turn right (North) on Oakridge
  • Left of Fellswood >> keep right at the fork
  • Left on Fells Road South
  • Left on Devon Road South
  • Right on Old Eagle Rock
  • Left on Eagle Rock Avenue, crossing Rall Court, Evelyn, Alsop
  • Right on Laurel Avenue south, crossing Barton, Pine, Lasalle, I-280.
  • Keep left at the fork onto Shrewsbury
  • Continue on Shrewsbury, crossing Rt. 10
  • Shrewsbury turns into E. Cedar St.
  • Left on Northfield (we use the wires on the north side of the street)
  • Left on Pleasant Valley Way
  • Right on Cornell Street until fence of Essex County Country Club
  • Continue west along Old Indian Road, using the fence as the boundary of the eruv
  • Right onto Pleasant Valley Road
  • Right onto Mt. Pleasant Avenue / Rt. 10 (we mostly use the north side of the street as the eruv boundary)
  • Left on Marion Drive
  • Left on Rooney Circle (into Essex Green Shopping Center) wrapping around to two right turns until traffic light
  • Exit Essex Green Shopping center turning Left on Prospect Ave North
  • Eruv on right side of Prospect until overpass after entrance to I-280, and it then continues on the western side of Prospect
  • The Eruv continues on Prospect to intersection of Eagle Rock Ave
  • *The Eruv turns right at Boland Drive and includes Eagle Ridge � see map for further details*
  • Continue on Prospect crossing Eagle Rock Ave and Woodland Ave
  • Eruv ends at the fence immediately following the Marriott Residence Inn and connects to the fence of the Montclair Golf Club
  • Eruv, along the fence, continues along the perimeter of the golf course all the way back to Pleasant Valley Way.*Please note that Verona Park is NOT within the boundaries of the eruv and one may not carry past Morningside Road, just before the park entrance.*