As we all know, the Eruv is a vital part of our community and it enhances our Shabbat experience. Unfortunately, sometimes we all take it for granted. Our Rabbis, Eruv Checkers, and volunteers work tirelessly every week to make sure that the Eruv is up and operational so that everyone who lives in or visits West Orange can have a more meaningful and pleasant Shabbat.

We have experienced several difficult storms in the past few years which have caused the need for major repairs to the Eruv. The costs for maintenance and repairs have been very high and that is why we are reaching out to you now. If we continue at this pace we will run out of money and the West Orange Community would not have an Eruv on a continuous basis. The need is great and that is why everyone who lives here needs to participate and be as generous as possible.

The Eruv has always relied on the financial support of the West Orange community to keep it in working order. Our last appeal was in January 2014. Only 44% of community members paid their dues (216 responses out of a mailing of 492). We need 100% participation to properly maintain the Eruv. West Orange is an outstanding place to live and raise one’s family, but without the Eruv, our community would be less attractive. We all need to step up and support the Eruv.

The membership categories are:

  • Member $50
  • Patron $180
  • Donor $72
  • Benefactor $250
  • Sponsor $100
  • Founder $360

Please make your checks payable to the “West Orange ERUV.” Please send your contributions to:

West Orange Eruv
c/o Dr. Robert Sipzner
18 Garfield Avenue
West Orange, NJ 07052

Alternatively you can donate using a credit card via Paypal:

Volunteers are always welcome and encouraged to assist in checking and administering the Eruv. If you are interested, or you would like to find out more about the Eruv, please contact Dr. Robert Sipzner at